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"Play Together" Requests

Updated 6 January 2023

Experience has shown the majority of children will quickly make new friends when put into a team of the appropriate skill level — so playing with friends is not a club priority, however we understand that it is really important for some children to have a friend to play with and we will accommodate "play together" requests. Please note, we are only able to accept one friend as a play together request, not multiple players. This will only be applicable to U6 & U7 age groups. We will no longer be accepting play-together requests in the U8 to U11 age groups, unless you have a complete team. 

If a Miniroos (Under 6 — Under 7) parent requests their child be graded into a team with a friend, the club will do it’s best to accommodate, however, the following guidelines will apply:


  • Parents can nominate a friend for their child to be placed with. The parents of the children that you've requested your child to be placed with must also reciprocate the "play together request" via email to the registrar ( The club will then attempt to place your child with the friend.  

  • All children graded with a nominated friend will be graded down to the level of the lowest skilled player of the nominated children. (e.g. if your child is graded in the ‘A’ team and his/her friend is in the ‘C’ team,  if the request is granted both children will play in the ‘C’ team). 

  • All play together requests must be completed prior to grading completion. 


  1. Email the registrar with a subject line of "Play Together Request"​

  2. Ensure that the other parent that you have nominated to play with are cc'ed in the email request. 

  3. The reciprocating parent cc'ed in the original email must then reply to the original email request with their approval.

  4. If you are at grading day and would rather do this verbally, it can be completed in person at the grading day desk. 

  5. This process must complete prior to grading day completion.  

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