We'll see you at the Hornet's Nest!

Men’s football at Hornsby Heights revolves heavily on the community and the growth of local junior players for our squads. With 4 Premier League titles to our name, we are a club steeped in history with goals and ambitions to return to the association top-flight.

Our division 2 squad has a philosophy of pressing hard, giving 100% and playing in control through possession. In addition, our division 4 squad provides you the option of playing at a lower level but with the same aspirations and opportunities.

Whether you want to play at a high playing standard or just want to play socially with friends, Hornsby Heights as a club and community can provide you with playing options.

We also have Men's Over 35 and Over 45 squads - so there really is a team for everyone.

Interested in joining a Men's All-Age squad?