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Mens All-Age

Men’s football at Hornsby Heights revolves heavily on the community and the growth of local junior players for our squads. With 4 Premier League titles to our name, we are pleased to announce our top division squad will be back competing in the Premier League Division in 2024.

This squad has a philosophy of pressing hard, giving 100% and playing in control through possession. In addition, our lower division teams provide other playing with the same comradery, aspirations and opportunities.

Whether you want to play at a high playing standard or just want to play socially with friends, Hornsby Heights as a club and community can provide you with playing options.

Interested in joining a Men's All-Age squad?
We'll see you at the Hornet's Nest!

Mens Over 35's & Over 45's

Age is no barrier to getting out on the pitch and playing the beautiful game. Our Club has playing options for our patriarchs as well. If you are thinking of putting the boots on again, or you've moved into the area and looking for a great club team and culture, look no further...

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