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Female Football: Let's Play!


Hornsby Heights Football Club has the objective of being the premier destination for Female Footballers on the Upper North Shore. Our vision for the growth of Girl's and Women's Football at HHFC is underpinned by two very important principles:

  1. We Provide girls and women with more CHOICES for their football development and enjoyment.​
  2. Sunday Female Football is treated on an EQUAL footing with Mixed Saturday Football.
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With these principles firmly in place, our Female Football program and participants continue to grow. Every year sees a record number of female players participate. Football is the fastest growing female participation sport in the country and we want you to be a part of the HHFC Female Football Culture. HHFC now boasts women's teams from under 6, through the junior levels, to Premier League women's and Over 35's. 

Girls Development

Girls can choose to play mixed football on a Saturday or Girls Only Football on a Sunday. However we have a strong philosophical belief that girls develop their technical football skills and “football confidence” much more quickly in a girls only training environment.

We have implemented quality, professional, FFA Curriculum based development programs for all Female players at HHFC. That means that all girls, whether they want to play competitively or socially, have the opportunity to improve their confidence by picking up a range of football skills from highly accredited football coaches.

We run programs all year around so anytime is a good time to start learning how to play the Beautiful Game.

If you would like to be put on our mailing list for next season please send an email to

Diamond League

Diamond League is a girls only football competition that inaugurated in 2014. Our local football association (NSFA) decided that there needed to be a development pathway for girls who wanted to take their football more seriously. HHFC was very proud to be a founding member of the Diamond League competition. In the following years we have achieved an incredible amount, matching it with the best teams from the North Shore of Sydney and indeed from around the state. In 2024 Diamond League will run across the G12, G14 and G16 age groups.

2024 Diamond League trials will take place in November 2023: Information on the trials and a link to registration can be found on our Trial Information page.
For more information please see our Development League page or email:

Women's Premier League


We are very proud that our focus on junior girls development is now paying off in our Women's divisions. 2024 will see the second year of HHFC in the top division of the NSFA Women's Competition. If you are interested in playing in our First Division team in 2024 please contact us at:

Women's Football


HHFC have been working very hard for several of years to support female football, and as such we are very pleased to offer a variety of options for our female players.

We have a number of Women's All-age teams, so there are options for all our players. We also have an Over 30's team.

If you are interested in playing and want more information?

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my daughter start playing?

We place girls in teams from the age of five. It’s a great age to start playing because young children can pick up new skills so easily. However football has many benefits that go well beyond technical skills so we would encourage girls of all ages to “JUST START PLAYING.”

What Day Is Female Football played on?

Female Football is played on a Sunday. Mixed football is played on a Saturday. Girls at HHFC have the choice to play either or both.

We have a long history of supporting and developing local female footballers so if you choose to play in both Mixed and Female competitions you will pay only ONE registration fee – the second registration is FREE.

Can I play Netball and Football?

Absolutely!!! Netball is played on a Saturday and Female Football on a Sunday so there is no reason you can't enjoy both sports.

Why do you support Female Only Training & Development Programs?

In trying to understand why young girls discontinue playing football we discovered that without the structure of a game situation young boys were more likely to dominate ball possession during training. This means that the girls have less time on the ball to develop their confidence and their skills which then has a flow-on effect into games. The resultant loss of confidence meant many girls looked for other female-only sporting environments. (There are of course exceptions and some girls feel very comfortable training with boys) We wanted to address this issue and since we started offering female-only training and development in 2014, our female programs and results have flourished.

My daughter isn’t particularly competitive; she just wants to play socially. Will there be a team for her?

The beauty of our game is that there is always a level at which any person can comfortably enjoy their football. Our girls are placed in appropriate teams. The more numbers we get, the more we are able to meet the motivation needs of each individual player. If your daughter is looking for a fun and friendly social environment to play a team sport then HHFC is definitely the right place. Make sure she brings her friends along as well. The more social the better.


On what nights do the teams train?

Some combination of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights at Montview Oval in Kookaburra Place Hornsby Heights. Diamond League teams must train twice a week. Other teams have the choice to train once or twice a week.


How long does the season go for?

Grading is held in February. Training usually starts in March. (Diamond League starts earlier). Games commence in the 1st week of April and continue until the final week of August.


Who does the coaching?

All of our Under 6 to Under 11 teams receive one nights training a week with Kano Football which is included in your registration fee. We embedded Kano as our core coaching provider in 2015 and the feedback has been spectacular. To see some of the skills in action on game day is a direct reflection of the high quality coaching instruction and curriculum offered by Kano. Some U6 to U11 teams then opt to have a second team training session with a parent coach but this is optional.

The G12, G14 and G16 Diamond League Teams will receive coaching from Northern Tigers and a coach with a minimum FFA Coaching Accreditation at either Skill Training Certificate or Game Training Certificate level.

All other female teams also have the option of joining a development squad and we have additional Northern Tigers coaching resources available to address this need.


When do we register?

Online Self Registration will be open in early January via Please ensure you select “Hornsby Heights Sports Club” as HHFC is a part of the Sports Club. Grading will take place in February and all pre-registered players will be advised further details via email. The exception is for G12, G14, G16 and G18 Diamond League Girls Football (please see the Diamond League page for more information. 

If you are thinking of taking up football for the first time or considering HHFC as your new club and would like an email reminder when our registrations are officially open then please send an email to so we can advise.

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