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HHFC Payment Plan Policy

Updated 19th January 2023


The purpose of this policy is to standardise the payment system for members seeking financial assistance.



HHFC acknowledges the financial burden football fees can place on some members of our community. To assist these members, HHFC can offer a Payment Plan Contract to members facing financial hardship. 


Payment Plan Policy

Players are able to apply to enter into a Payment Contract with Hornsby Heights Football Club for their season Registration Fees. The following criteria must be met:-​

  • All payment plans must be completed by 31st July 2023

  • All players must adhere to the agreed Payment Plan or the Plan is considered void and registration will be suspended.

  • Payment plans are processed via a third-party provider, Majestri.

  • Failed Payments will incur a processing fee. 

  • All Payment Plans are subject to an establishment fee. 


Exceptions: All exceptions to the above schedule shall be pre-approved by the Treasurer, plus either the President or Secretary.

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