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Club History

An account of the club’s history by Len Honeywood

(Life Member and Past President of Hornsby Heights Sports Club)

Hornsby Heights Sport’s Club had it’s beginnings in 1962 when, in an effort to promote soccer in the district, Mr Thompson who was associated with the KDSA approached Mr Ray Menser about forming a junior soccer team in this district.

Mr Menser then contacted a few of the local residents, namely Mr & Mrs Tom Kelton and Mr & Mrs John Tollman and with the assistance of Mr Berry “who was already involved in the Mt Colah club”, set about forming what was then called the Hornsby Heights Junior Soccer Club and in 1962 fielded one under ten team. The shirts for this team were donated by Mr Thompson and the checked design was adopted as stripes were not allowed at this time.
The colour of bottle green and orange were chosen as they were as close as was allowed to the Australian National Sporting colours. 

The first committee recorded was of course a steering committee comprising of:
Chairman – Mr Berry
Secretary – Mr Tollman
Treasurer – Mr Kelton
A meeting held at 48 Somerville Road on the 3rd of July 1962, was attended by Messrs J Thompson, J Tollman, RC McLaws and S Berry Mesdames Y Tollman, R Kelton and S Berry.
At this meeting it was resolved that the steering committee be disbanded and nominations for new office bearers be called.

As a result the positions were filled as follows:
President – Mr J K Berry
Vice President – Mr T Kelton
Secretary – Mr J Tollman
Treasurer – Mrs R Kelton
In the meeting following these elections it was reported that the club had a bank balance of £20-11-10 and cash in hand of 14/6 with an amount on account of £12/- for shirt material to be paid.

An under fourteen team was to be added to the fledgling club. Managers for the two teams were called for and the following were elected. Under 10’s Mr Menser, Under 14’s Mr Tollman. Fund raising played a major role to supply the equipment required and at a meeting held on the 31/7/62 it was reported that he proceeds of two raffles netted, £9-17-0.

In 1962/63 Mr Tollman organised the manufacturing of a club lapel badge which were sold to members and players for the grand total of one shilling (Ten cents to our modern generation). R Tollman still has his original badge fixed to the jacket he wore during his many years coaching with the club. About this time Mrs Tollman (Yvonne to her friends) purchased a second hand typewriter to type notes for the players and therefore probably was our first publicity officer.

Mr Tom Kelton was elected President 13/6/63 due to the absence of Mr Berry for a 12 month period. It may be of interest to note that as far back as 1963 a letter was lodged with the KDSA regarding the matter of the cricket pitch protruding 3” above the level of the playing field which was considered dangerous for the soccer players.

Mr Denis Blankley organised an outing to watch a professional soccer game for the junior members of the club, also in 1963 pennants for all players was introduced. A donation of £5-0-0 was received on 5/9/63 from Mr D Bell of Hookhams Corner Service Station with a request that an under nine team be fielded.

At a specially convened meeting held on the 18/11/63 the name of the club was changed to Hornsby Heights Sports Club to allow other activities, such as softball to be included and therefore allowing girls as well as boys to be catered for.

In January 1964 a joining fee of £10/- per member and a fee of £1/- per game was introduced, 1964 saw the first major expansion of the club with two softball teams being formed under the guidance of Mrs Preston and Mrs Tollman (Mrs Blankley cut out the uniforms with Mrs Shang and Mrs Evans sowing them together)

Seven soccer teams were registered in 1964, being the U8’s – U/10’s – U11’s – U/12’s – U/14’s – U/16’s and our first All-Age team. It may interest our current AA players to note that the All Age team playing fee was £4-0-0 (Team coach Mr Luhr). At this time Mr Tollman donated a Morris LC3 Panel Van to the club to use to transport players around. However in March 1964 it was decided to sell it as the costs of registration and maintenance was beyond the club capabilities.

A teenage dance was held on 9/5/64 in Harwood Hall at Mt Kuring-gai and the club donated £5-0-0 to the police boys club building fund.
Five boys from Hornsby Heights were chosen to play in the KDSA rep teams in 1964. These were Under 9’s Scott McLeod, Jim Taylor and Chris Cleary and Under 10’s David Single and Jim Preston.
Dances were held every two weeks at the Asquith Boys Club Hall and a housie night held at the home of Mr & Mrs McLeod raised £11-0-0.

In 1965 the first club constitution was introduced and Mr Mantova purchased a Fordigraph Duplicator at a cost of £14-0-0 and a further £3-10-0 for ink and paper. This machine served the clubs publicity needs for many years.
The junior fees for the 1965 season £2-5-0.

In 1966 the club stamp was purchased at a cost of £1-14-7 and an BP Film Night was held at Hornsby Heights Public School raising £23-0-0.
A notice of motion was moved by Mr Frank Hazell on the 20/10/66 that the club adopt the Hornet as its emblem, which was carried.
Following Tom Kelton’s retirement, Dave Stone took over as club President and during his term the club continued to grow.

The records do not show what happened to our Softball teams or how long they played for. However, 1967 saw the formation of our now well established Netball Section although back then it was recorded as basketball.
Also in 1967 a competition was run to design a new club banner (the original banner was hand made and donated by Mrs Blankley) However the response was poor that finally in 1968 Mr Hans Goodman and Mrs Blankley designed a new banner which was hand made by Mrs Blankley and is still in use today and has helped the club win several March Past parades on the KDSA Gala Day.

1968 saw the clubs first central meeting place, when Hornsby Shire Council gave us the use of the caretakers cottage of the old Montview tip, at the end of Kookaburra Road, Hornsby Heights. Just to left to the entrance to the car park of the new section of Montview Oval. Some of the internal walls were removed from this building to give us our first meeting room. 
Cricket was first introduced into the club for the 1973 /74 season and ran for three years when it folded due to lack of a committee. It was later revived and still continues today.

Our current Clubhouse opened on 26/2/77 with the Netball/Tennis Courts being built soon after and of course we have since expanded our sports to include Australian Rules, Baseball, T Ball, Table Tennis (now discontinued) Darts. As far back as 1964 Tom Kelton organised Learn to Swim Classes at Hornsby Pool, so it can be truly said that Hornsby Heights Sports Club has served the community in all aspects of sport.

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