Girl's Dribble Festival - T3 FREE EVENT!

T3 are very excited to invite you to the T3 Girls Dribble Festival on Friday 21 August at Asquith Boys High School.

We would love to welcome your child to this super exciting event which will offer them the opportunity to engage in loads of 1v1 games in their various age groups. Each player will represent themselves and it will be an awesome opportunity for them to express themselves and their individuality. Fun and excitement are absolutely guaranteed in this environment and there will be prizes, giveaways and awards presented on the day too!

Children will be supported and encouraged by experienced coaches to give their all on the day and this will also provide them with a gateway into the unique world of T3, which already provides exceptional football development to numerous highly skilled and dedicated players. Should your child love the Dribble Festival as much as we anticipate, they will then have the opportunity to try the girls development opportunity obligation-free that T3 will be launching on Friday evenings shortly thereafter.

Entry for the festival is free of charge and further details are listed below.

T3 Dribble Festival


To empower kids to value, appreciate, and practice 1v1 skills. We want to come and celebrate the importance

of the dribbling skill as it will give a child an impactful authority on their development.


T3 will be inviting kids from the ages of U6-U12. Kids will be separated by age groups. T3 will have 16 mini 1v1 fields set up on our all-weather surface and natural grass fields (bottom oval). Goals will be set up in each field. Every player will represent themselves. Kids can give themself a unique name or just pick a team name. They can also wear their own jersey. We encourage kids to wear something a little different. For example, a vintage or retro soccer jersey. Or even their favourite jersey with a twist!


The program will be held on Friday 21 August from 4.30pm - 5.30pm at Asquith Boys HS (enter through Peats Ferry Road).

All players will be divided into their various age groups.

There will also be awards, giveaways, and prizes on the day.

Registration & Cost:

There is no cost however, for COVID compliance we do require each player to be registered at the following link:


Places are limited so we encourage parents to register as soon as possible in order to secure their child's place.

Wednesday 19 August at 6.45 pm Live Stream with T3

T3 will be holding a live stream next Wednesday on the Top 10 Female Footballers and Dribblers in the world!

This 30 minute session will be dedicated to showcasing and discussing the female greats to empower and inspire our girls to develop their skills through dedicated practice at home and in organised training environments. Specific skills will be taught and demonstrated to players to help prepare them for the 1v1 format in the Dribble Festival a few days following. Be sure to tune in at 6.45pm on the T3 Facebook page for this awesome event!

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