***WANTED**** Used joggers/sneakers/runners, football boots and football socks

I’ve teamed up with a friend to collect any joggers/sneakers/runners, football boots or football socks that are still in good condition to give to adults and children in Uganda, Africa via an organisation called ‘Shoes for planet earth’ (http://www.shoesforplanetearth.com).

Football is very popular in Uganda but the majority of children & adults are too poor to buy shoes. This means they are prone to infections like podoconiosis (terrible swelling of feet caused by chronic exposure to irritant soils) & sand flea infestation (tunga penetrans).

My friend’s boss, Dr Diep Nguyen from Western Nuclear Medicine has also very generously agreed to donate $5 per pair of shoes sent, to cover the cost of getting them there J

I will be collecting shoes and socks until the 31st August, so if you would like to donate you can;

· Drop them off at any time day/nightà 17 Carrington Rd Hornsby

· Call, txt 0425266950 à to arrange local (Hornsby area) pick up

· Email mebudden@ti3group.com àto arrange local (Hornsby area) pick up

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at all


Marsha Budden

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